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LOVE NEW ZEALAND Tour Planning Made Simple

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UNDER FULL EDIT.  14 April 2017

All our tour operators and especially  our smaller tour operators are eager to share their experiences and fun times with you and whether you are booking a cruise, talking to a travel agent or planning your own experience online we want you to find us and let us help you create and explore NZ.

 We will provide the best of each region in an easy choice package so all you have to do is take a peek and follow the route of your journey line and everything can be booked just for you.

We will also give you a guide to how long you need to travel between destinations, where you can stop for lunch and when you arrive  - you already know what you want to see and what you can live without.

Here is a summary of what we love to do for our visitors and our country fellows:

·         Compile your itinerary list and not just your destination points

·         Arrange your tours, tour guides or chauffeurs in each stop over

·         Recommend and refer you to your choice of accommodation

·         Plan your corporate convention, accommodation  and conference venue with tour interludes

·         Share with you the best restaurants, where to get the best breakfast, where is the best shopping

·         Ensure that your A-B transport is taken care of

·         Introduce you to our golf clubs, fishing spots, special wineries, our history

·         Share the best winter and summer tours to delight everyone

We fill in the little gaps of your visit with everlasting memories

We provide you with the best of scenic tours, taste tours, wine tours, heritage tours, and our very special private tours with very experienced guides to ensure you get the most from your time with us at each New Zealand Destination.

The March Family are your hosts and hold our history from the West Coast, Nelson, Christchurch, Blenheim and Picton areas including the sparkling Marlborough Sounds.  Our family was highly regarded in the more recent past with the wine tour industry.